The Rose Essences

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing on earth. The word Shaman comes from Siberia and means "one who sees in the dark", the shadow, hidden realms. A Shaman is also called a Medicine Man/Woman.

Shamanic healing sessions are carried out with the deepest respect for indigenous cultures from where Shamanic practise was ever present and with the deepest respect also for Pachamama, our Earth Mother. Francesca was initiated as a young girl into Shamanism by her maternal grandmother in Italy who came from a lineage of Shamanic people. She was guided into further studies as an adult by her wonderful and varying teachers in Australia.

Some of the techniques include soul retrieval where the Shaman assists in bringing back an individual's lost soul parts. Lost soul parts may occur in a number of ways such as extreme shock due to a horrific accident, or long term stress caused by a variety of life crisis events.

Shamanic healing also assists beautifully with clearing emotional blockages inherited from the ancestral line. Profound healing can occur when one is ready to see, hear, surrender and allow. This ancient modality is based on a holistic approach to body/mind/heart and soul with the understanding everything is interconnected.


Sessions: 45 minutes
Investment: $120
Delivery: In person in Perth, or via Skype

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