The Rose Essences

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a safe, curative and transformative process. This modality was pioneered by the late Dolores Cannon. It is a powerful experience that takes you on a journey of self discovery through past lives to retrieve information that is stored within the subsconcious mind.

The information that is held in the subconscious can be of assistance for healing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms. The subconscious mind can also receive new and healthier suggestions to improve ones quality of life.

This process culminates in a powerful connection to the Super Consciousness Mind where spontaneous healing may occur if it is appropriate for ones journey, ultimately, if all lessons have been understood and processed, then healing on all levels including physical is restored for the evolutionary journey of the soul. It is a return to Source.. to the all knowing, the all that is.


Sessions: 6 hour session
Investment: $600
Delivery: In person in Perth, or via Skype

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