The Rose Essences
Francesca puts a lot of love and kindness into what she does in a very professional way. I found her whole approach reassuring and was surprised at how effective the intuitive and love infused remedies worked after just one week of taking them. I am deeply grateful for her guidance and for helping me navigate my way through some very challenging times.
Liam - Perth, Western Australia

Hi Francesca, I could actually write a book about how much Francesca helped in my life, when I have reflected, it is quite phenomenal. Francesca is a divine, powerful being, who completely transformed my life, and I feel so lucky to have her gracious guidance. She is an angel. When I first came to Francesca, I was broken, I had just come out of a 12 year toxic relationship. I had lost who I was and I thought this relationship was doomed to always control my life. I came to Francesca searching, searching to reach the answers I had inside of myself but I couldn't access.

Through hypnosis Francesca was able to access the guidance, hope and strength I needed. I still cannot fully explain the process, but it was so profound. Sessions with Francesca transformed EVERY aspect of my life, and everyone in my life noticed.

Through techniques such as hypnosis and remedies (each one different depending on what I needed to go through and experience), propelled me to see things for what they were, feel the depths I needed for change and honour what I needed to. I was able to shift negative, karmic energy to make way for new beginnings and my true path in life.

If you are looking for loving guidance and to be propelled to honour your greatness and your purpose and life, I cannot recommend Francesca and her teachings more highly. I was directed to Francesca through a book I read, if you are reading this I have no doubt that Francesca is meant to come into your life, and you are about to go on a powerful journey.
All my love
Tarra - Perth, Western Australia

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