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What are The Rose Essences?

The Rose Essences are encoded with the teachings of the Ascended Masters, including the teachings of Isis, Mother Mary, Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Buddha, Thoth, Sananda and Yogananda. The codes from these Ascended Masters are present within our consciousness, if we seek the truth, they will show us the way through the labyrinth, a guiding light on our way home.

The Rose Essences have been activated with the Ascended Master codes through an ancient alchemical process in alignment with the Cosmic Fractal Frequency of Source. A collection of 44 divine vibrational remedies which can assist in healing holistically, finding the wisdom within, enabling you to evolve on this earth journey.

The healing magic of the Rose Essences is to carry activated Light Codes to the Shadow parts of Self. This enables hidden wisdom to unfold so healing can take place where needed, all within a supportive sacred space held by The Rose Essences. A shift to a higher frequency is achieved through this process which allows you to maintain the higher frequency for longer periods of time until Mastery occurs. Each and every one of us has the ability to be our own medicine woman and medicine man.

By connecting to our own inner wisdom, we are able to navigate our way through the spiral dance of our life into the immeasurable space we call Source, the Infinite Creator. The Rose Essences teachings offer tools and assistance to travel through the Tree of Life. The high frequency of the Roses make these remedies one of the most powerful and unique ascension tools available on the planet. Ascension, simply meaning, the process allowing us to evolve to a higher consciousness while we travel this earth journey as co-creators.

The Rose Essences hold the Christ Consciousness codes of Cosmic Love. These sacred codes are held by the vibration of the Rose which forms the foundation of Unconditional Love frequency. Each Rose lovingly offers to be in service by holding the healing vibration of 44 individually activated essences. Journeying with a Rose Essence allows you to enter the frequency of Alignment to Source ~ The I am ~ The All that is ~ The Cosmic Fractal.

The Rose Essences remedies carry the sacred codes of Christ Consciousness directly to the 7 main Chakra systems removing blockages and creating balance and alignment. Further Chakras are sequentially activated once this process takes place. Rose Light Codes (information) are carried to the DNA and cells, creating transformation along the Tree of Life, essentially attaining ONENESS and Mastery in due time.

These Sacred Essences have been birthed at the dawn of a new era in human evolution, preparing the human race for the embodiment of Christ Consciousness Light within, and ultimately heralding in the Golden Age of our time. Each human being has the capacity to become an Ascended Master in this age, The Rose Essences teachings provide support through the ascension process.

Through channelling sessions with Mary Magdalene, she has lovingly instructed that NOW is the most potent time for rapid ascension and the return of these sacred teachings. The Roses gracefully offer their vibrational Heart Medicine in service to humanity, to assist each and every being to anchor Christ Light within.

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