The Rose Essences

Regression Therapy is a technique used in recovering memories from past events such as in early childhood. The focus is on bringing resolution to traumatic experiences which occurred in the past and are interfering with a person's current life situation.

These memories may be stored away in the subconscious mind, therefore, Regression Therapy gently retrieves past memories and through a process of revisiting the past experience, a person is able to gain understanding of statements and belief systems made which keeps them stuck in the present. It is a powerful process of releasing the interfering mental and emotional blocks.

This is a prominent technique also used in retrieving past incarnations to assist in locating where a trauma originated from.

The concept of bringing the unconscious to the conscious in order to clear emotional blocks, enables a person to gain mental and emotional wellness and a deeper understanding of their soul's journey.

Francesca completed 3 consecutive years of Regression Therapy training at the Academy of Applied Psychic Technologies and Techniques where she graduated with a 1st Class Psytech Auditor certification.


Sessions: 45 minutes
Investment: $120
Delivery: In person in Perth, or via Skype

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